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About Stone Warner

We’re able to achieve great results, faster. With our up-to-the-minute database, we know where and who your current buyers are. We also look ‘further afield’ and find those outside your area with a view to moving in, resulting in more buyer competition and therefore increased sales prices.

Our greater insights lead to a smarter marketing campaign. Rather than a ‘blanket’ approach, we streamline it specifically to your target audience. We’re also able to tailor it as we go along based on our weekly buyer statistics. So rather than a lump-sum payment upfront, you only spend what’s essential – and what works – on your marketing campaign, saving you valuable money.

With our wider network, sharper market-intelligence and aligned goals, our expert sales, marketing and customer-service teams work together to achieve the best result. We’re for prosperity across the board, and it’s why we do what we do, with transparency every step of the way.

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Shop 6/353 Samsonvale Rd, Warner QLD 4500

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"John did an amazing job selling our house, he breaks the mould for estate agents trustworthy honest..."

Ross Taylor

Our Client Testimonials

"John recently sold our house and we were highly impressed with his effort, professionalism and general..."

Katrina Turvey

Our Client Testimonials

"Stone Real Estate Warner have been amazing throughout the buying of our new house to the selling of..."

Jaymi Lee

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